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Art Source, Academic Search Complete, & Other Databases hosted by EBSCO: Choosing Databases

A quick tutorial explaining what these article databases are with tips on using them.

Choosing Databases

Once you follow a link for an EBSCO database, the interface will be set to search that database only. However, if you want to change or add databases to your search, you can do that without starting a new session. Below (in the grayed area) is a detail of the screen that you would be presented with if you clicked on our Art Source link. If you click "Choose Databases," a complete list comes up with a check box and info bubble by each entry. You can check any or all databases you want to search. If you would like to be presented with a quick description of a database, just hover your mouse over the corresponding info bubble, as I have below for Art Source. If you desire yet more informatio about each database you can click on the detailed view where you can find out which periodicals are covered as well as some fairly exhaustive tips for searching and general use.