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How to Download Ebooks from SVA Library: On a Computer

Instructions on how to access ebooks from our databases, including on a desktop or laptop computer, on a mobile device, and on an e-reader tablet.


Most ebooks allow you to read the full text directly in the database interface. If you want to download the ebook file to your computer to read later, you’ll need Adobe Digital Editions.

Create a free Adobe ID to use with Adobe Digital Editions on your computer and/or mobile device.

Download Adobe Digital Editions for your computer.

Search for ebooks in Ebook Central or SVA Library’s Prism Search.

Open the item record for the ebook you want to read, and choose to Read Online or Download. Reading online can be done in your browser with an internet connection. Select Download if you want to download the ebook to your computer for offline reading.

Screenshot of Ebook Central interface, with download and reading options highlighted.


After you click Download, select which device you are using:

Screenshot of Ebook Central download procedures with popup screen asking for device type.


Then, follow the link to download Adobe Digital Editions if you haven't already, or click Done with this step:

Screenshot of Ebook central interface with instructions to download Adobe Digital Editions.


Select the length of time you'd like to borrow the ebook. When the loan period is up, you will no longer be able to open the downloaded file.

Screenshot of Ebook central with option to select ebook loan length.


Click download, and the ebook file in ACSM format will be saved to your Downloads folder. Open Adobe Digital Editions, and then open your Downloads folder and drag the ACSM ebook file into the program.


You can open the ebook in Adobe Digital Editions either with or without an Adobe ID. Signing in with your Adobe ID will sync any checked out items to other devices where you have downloaded Adobe Digital Editions. Opening the ebook without an Adobe ID means that title will only be locally accessible on the single machine you are downloading it to.


Your ebook will appear in your Adobe Digital Editions library for the length of its checkout period.

Ebook Databases

*Note that most ACLS Humanities ebooks cannot be downloaded and must be read in the database interface with an Internet connection.