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Graphic Design: Home

A guide to researching graphic design at the SVA Library.

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The books in the library are arranged by topic using Call Numbers. Here are some areas to explore:

HD Corporate identity
HF 5570 Package design
HF 5800-6161 Advertising
N General art, Art history, artists
NC Commercial art & graphic design
NC 730-825 Technique, drawing
NC 845-915 Materials, including airbrush
NC 950-975 Illustration, including annuals
NC 1000-1001.6 Commercial art, promotion
NC 1002-1003 Specific types of advertising art (brochures, business cards, fliers, logos, menus)
NC 1800-1850 Poster design
NC 1860-1896 Cards, book & CD jackets
ND Painting (History & Technique)
NE Print media, engraving, prints, letterheads
NK Design & decorative arts
NX Arts in general
T 223-305: Logos & trademarks
T 385-TD193 Computer graphics
TK 5105.888 Web design
TR Photography
TS 195.4 Package design
TT Crafts, e.g. Origami, paper work
Z Printing & production, typography

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