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Building an Online Portfolio & Learning to Code: Home

Resources at the library and on the open web for learning to build your own portfolio website.


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Phoebe Stoneking

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Why learn to code?

Most working artists today have their portfolios online. From drag and drop tools that require no coding knowledge to building a website from scratch, a number of options exist for artists to showcase their work.  Whichever method you use, having some basic coding skills will help you the understand the backend structure of your site and allow you to customize it.

Website Builders

These are just a few of the free and paid website builders available. Many more exist!

Coding Resources on the Web

In-Person Coding Classes

Thinking about taking your coding knowledge a step further? There are a variety of free and paid coding classes in NYC:

Books at the Library

This is just a sampling of web design and coding books at the library.

Search the catalog to find more: