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Game Collections: Tabletop Games

Game Collections

The SVA Library Game Collections are designed to support your inquiry into the many topics surrounding games and game design. It also supports curriculum-based learning in departments like interactive design, comics & illustration, art education, computer arts, and many others.

Games are everywhere — from the DIY arcades of New York City to the gamification of education in classrooms around the world. Whether we're engaging with others in shared storytelling, or sharing our vision for the future in virtual realities, we are employing game design to connect with others and to better understand ourselves. Toward research, innovation, or fun and relaxation, the SVA Game Collections are here for your discovery!

Tabletop Games

When considering games to collect for the SVA Library tabletop collection, we focus on critically-acclaimed uniquely designed games that feature inventive game construction and outstanding illustration. An excellent example of a game that suits this criteria is Wingspan. Stop by SVA Library West to see our entire collection! You can also check out video games, books on game design, and game gear like dice and screens.

Card & Dice games are an excellent component to any tabletop games collection. Card & Dice games tend to be compact and easy-to-learn with strong thematic elements and eye-catching illustrations. Many card & dice games tie back to our cartooning & illustration collections as well. Examples of the latter include Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game:

Role-playing games offer a variety of options for interactive, collaborative play among a dedicated group of gamers. RPGs allow patrons of the Library to plug into their imagination, using dice, pen-and-paper, and miniatures. Many RPGs are lavishly illustrated and impeccably designed. An excellent example would be Tales From The Loop:

Collection Highlights:

Search for role-playing games, board games, and other tabletop games in the library catalog.

Find highlight from our tabletop game collection below. All games are housed at SVA Library West. 

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