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New York City: Home

This libguide is a supplemental resource for the introductory writing course HCD1020 Writing and Thinking : New York City

Writing and Thinking : New York City

This guide can be embedded in your HCD/HCI-1020 canvas course. It is a resource for your students to explore the plethora of resources within the SVA Library and beyond.

Research Spotlights:

In the research spotlights below, a selection of different types of materials - like books, newspaper articles, scholarly articles, and encyclopedias - have been pulled together from across the library collections with focus on a single research topic. These are short examples of how resources are combined to create a thorough research inquiry.

Research Spotlight: Seneca Village

Scholarly Article from JSTOR:


Open Web Resource:

Newspaper Article from Proquest:

Research Spotlight: Women of the New York School of Poets


Books of Poetry:

Scholarly Article via JSTOR:

Obituary from Proquest:

Research Spotlight: NYC Ballroom Culture

Book / Art Monograph:



Scholarly Article from JSTOR: