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Selected resources on photography addressing questions raised by this medium and the many strands of its development using the Visual Arts Library's books, periodicals, databases, and the World Wide Web. Originally created by Lori Salmon.

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The books in the library are arranged by topic using Library of Congress classification system. Here are a few call number ranges to explore:

TR1-1050       Photography
TR510-545    Color photography
TR624-835     Applied photography
TR845-899     Cinematography
TR925-1050   Photomechanical processes


For Subject searches try:

To do Keyword searches, you can either use add terms or use phrases.

Searching for Photographic criticism?

Test out photographic AND criticism or "photographic criticism" as searches and see what you can find.

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The Library's Picture Collection contains more than 100,000 images clipped from magazines and other sources and filed alphabetically according to subject. Up to 50 pictures (10 per subject) may be checked out of the library.


Another place to take a gander is our electronic resources, which includes:


And don't forget the Visual Resources Center:


A number of magazines and journals on photography are available at the Visual Arts Library. Also for articles on photography, you may want to start with indices such as JSTOR, Academic Search Complete & Vogue Archive, or peruse a few serials below.

Women Photographers


Looking for books tracing the origins and progression of photography from its humble beginnings in daguerreotypes to the gradual mastering of photographic portraits, techniques, and negatives.


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From iconic landmarks like the Flatiron Building and Times Square to the visual poetry of New York City's streets and skyline...